About confused painter


A Bit of History

When I was a very young child I found my Christmas present hidden under my mother's dressing table. I thought it was the largest tin of colouring pencils that had ever been created. It opened up a world of creative potential. I was mesmirised and could hardly contain my excitement on Christmas day. 

Through out  my life I have  been driven to create. Whether it was decorating my home or painting on canvas as I do now. I am compelled to be creative, I need to create. 

I went to Art College in the early 1990s, gaining a degree in Textile design. While at art college I tried to  be the type of designer the tutor's wanted me to be. I lost touch with my creativity, leading me to walk away from art all together.What followed was 10 years of denying my ability and my need to be an artist. During those 10 years I focused on developing my career as an Occupational Therapist. My experiences as an Occupational Therapist  gradually  lead me to realise that I actually needed to paint to maintain my own well being. 

In 2013 I became friends with someone who was extremely interested in all things arty. I began to show him my paintings and sketches. He encouraged me to share my work. I started by creating a Facebook page for my alter ago Confused Painter. The feedback to my work was mostly positive. This gave me the confidence to show my work at two art shows in 2014, I sold work at both! In May 2014 I had a solo exhibition at the Hastings Arts Forum, in East Sussex. My exhibition was visited by my Secondary School Art teacher who just happened to be walking past! In 2015 I exhibited again and sold 3 paintings. Since then I have participated in two London Art Fairs and have had some success.





For the moment I am still painting but not exhibiting. As soon as I have enough time I will be back. I have learnt that to succeed as an artist, I have to put as much effort into promotion as painting. 

Part os my exhibition at Hastings Arts Forum 2014.

About the Work

Although the human figure is rarely part of my composition my paintings are often about my relationships. For example my painting 'The Other' is a reflective piece about my relationship with my mother. Where as the 'areas of influence' paintings are general comments on the life span of us humans, who we touch and how we touch others. Alternatively I sometimes just paint what I need like my painting 'comfort', which I painted when grieving over the death of a friend.   

'The Other' 

My Work at the New Artist Fair, Brick Lane, London, September 2014.

I feel compelled to paint


The Future

From here I intend to keep open enough to be inspired; quiet enough to let the inspiration form an image; and brave enough to keep sharing. I hope you enjoy my work. if you are interested to learn more about any specific paintings, or would like commission just contact me. 


Best Wishes, Dymphna (Confused Painter)