The paintings below are my more recent work. 

'Absenceä 2015. 50cmx70cmx3cm acrylic paint on canvas. For Sale at New Artist Fair, London, September 2015

Storm's comin! 1, August 2015, acrylic paint on stretched canvas, For Sale at New Artist Fair, London, September 2015

'Sunset by Hastings Pier, from St Leonards on Sea', February 2016

'Sunset, Hastings Beach' January 2016

Paintings by dymphna lonergan

I am sharing my work with you because I believe that there will never be too much art on the world! I think of myself mostly as a landscape and seascape painter, but I am also drawn to abstract imagery as a vehicle to communicate personal or complex thoughts. If the paintings on the site are not for sale or sold it will say so when you hover the mouse over the picture. If this is not written in the description then it is for sale. I do not put prices on the web site, but if you are interested in my work please contact me via the contacts page. I can send you extra photos, or give you more information and we can discuss a price. I do not mind if inquiries do not elicit a sale, I am always pleased to discuss my work with anyone who is interested in it.

Please enjoy!